With over 25 years as a professional artist, Jamie Travis has created art in one form or another since childhood.  Florida born and raised where he still lives with his wife and son, his early years were spent along the beaches of his home state with family and friends, snorkeling, surfing, and discovering the natural wonder of the coastline. Traveling to the Caribbean only deepened that love of the Ocean and the transparent beauty of its island waters.

His early career in art focused on sculpture and metal work. Even throughout his college studies of Art and Philosophy, every spare hour was spent in pursuit of creating and selling art. His career flourished quickly from there and his work was soon represented in more than 20 galleries throughout the country. But after years of metal work, the creation of nearly 1000 original pieces of art, and the physical toll on his body to show for it, he walked away from metal and started the pursuit of a new medium, oil painting, and a new inspiration for his artwork.

The road to find that inspiration wasn’t a straight one, but paths worth following rarely are.  As so many journeys do, the path came full circle and the ocean of his childhood home became the source for Jamie’s paintings. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the shoreline, the rhythm of the waves, the waters of Florida, and the fiery sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, Jamie Travis paints waves and unique seascapes capturing the power and beauty of the natural world.

His paintings are more than simple seascapes. They hint at something perennial to our history as humans; our deep connection to the sea. Our harmonic resonance with the ocean is undeniable. It is the primordial source of life, a source of overwhelming beauty, and beckons us to adventures beyond the horizon. It reminds us to reconnect with nature and the core of ourselves.

Jamie’s artwork can be found in hundreds of private collections across the United States and in Europe, from Scotland to Spain, and in the homes of PGA golfers , NBA athletes, and in various public and corporate collections such as Ritz Carlton, Darden Restaurants, Lowes Corporation,Kessler Hotels, and Wells Fargo Bank.

~ Jamie Travis